Why BoomGoo?

(why not the competition?)

Free your mind. The Art of Stock with Soul. Go Create™

To B or not 2 B, is to create. Spread inspirations to empower life all around.™

Spread the Art of Life.™

Boomerangootan® to fly high ; )
Boomify (Liberate) yourself™

Inspires your Meaning (gift), enables your Purpose (giving)™

1. ZEN!

1 price! 1 res!
1 world community benefitting all

Truly Separate yourself from the rest
Zen experience in the easiest / fastest site to navigate

2. inspirational

original art / photos.

With built-in Zeitgeist ; )
Like a newsreel.
Not just trendy but always up-to-date/relevant.

Built-in: practically instant Art upload (no waiting for approval periods,
as long as your art reaches technical/quality - not subject - threshold ; )

Built-in instant Disaster Relief support
(download art free or buy at 100% donation to causes/charities)

3. Creative

New designs weekly / daily.
Quality originals from “epic shit” artists/photographers
to unblock your own create juices, keep you on the creative edge.

4. Focus

clutter-free / easy search.
just create.

5. Organized

custom folders / wish lists / faves / cart / buy later

6. Flexible

1 download. 1 high resolution file.
Simplicity! But endless Possibilities.
No censorship / limit / rules. BoomGoo sets you free!
Professionally rendered vector (lossless resizing) with built-in passion.
Photo stock with transparent backgrounds.

Beyond Royalty-free. Even edit art to sell your own products,
just do - not resell the untouched art itself.

The point of BoomGoo is to Enable you:
Affordability / Inspiration / Productivity / Sustainability

BoomGoo's Guarantee:
Boomerang your Creative flow/fun with so much flexible Goo,
you can't not be inspired ; )
If you experience it differently,
just comment on specific art or Ask and you shall Get

BoomGoo Listens!
We're not robots, not even A.I., but humans : )

7. Affordable

Premium quality + Zen experience at humane pricing ; )

Simplest price around:
Nothing to calculate. Not even "Credits" to deal with.
No "Resolution" compromises. No monthly "Subscriptions" etc.
Just great Art, minus the hassle & clutter.

The only ZEN stock is BoomGoo®:
1 price! ($1 - no fractions ; )
1 high-res file
All royalty-free

more Priceless:
• Bundles! (Art Category/Style/Artist)
• Affiliate Commissions
• Awards
• Competitions

8. Free(dom)

• licenses (just respect for Reciprocity boomerangs)
• capitalists or lawyers (complex punitive licenses + exceptions to too many rules)
• complex price structures
• subscriptions
• hidden fees / premiums
• budgeting
• low resolutions
• low quality
• contracts (pre/post-conditions)
• risk (worries / debt / waste)
• complications / hurdles
• compromises

Boomify (Liberate) yourself!
Open up to receive:
Inspiration. Ideas. Productivity. Creativity. Peace. Zen. Freedom.

9. Quality

High quality, professionally curated Art/Photography.
Professionally rendered or shot for hassle-free editing.

Instead of endless resolutions/prices/quality inconsistencies, boom with BoomGoo® ; )
Stock with soul & practicality. Art you can edit & wear, that touches.
1 res. 1 price. Always big in size & heart.
All Same size. 300dpi or vector (res-independent).
Download as transparent png or eps (ai).

10. Sustainable

BoomGoo® not only booms up users' inspirations
but booms the boon of artists/creatives.

i. Passionate Art Affordably

ii. Enable Creatives to SELL downloads of their own art/ideas/concepts.
Censor-less. Unmatched turnaround approval within 48hrs!
As long as you match threshold for practical technical quality standard ; )
Which is: hassle-free editable digital file / vector or 300dpi art.

iii. APP (for mobile browsing / buying / selling etc.) next!

iv. soOn:
PRINTED Products (Wearables. Accessories…)

v. soOn:
Artist’s Boom STORES. UNprecedented offer!
Free store. Free marketing. Your own Springboard.

If unknown, Make a name for yourself.If known, Expand your spheres.
In any case, Connect with creative geniuses worldwide. Sharing is infectious.
Celebrate the LOVE, NOT GREED.

BoomGoo® is your vibrant global creative ECOSYSTEM:
• replacing Competition with COLLABORATION
• surpassing greedy Capitalism with Human unselfish THRIVING
• raising responsible business standards (social business / ethical capitalism)
• ridding Angst (Fear of Failure + Success)
• boOming the Survival of the Fittest to market sustainability

BoomGoo® supports all & full FREEDOM.
After all, we're all an interdependent world family.
Our freedom is INCOMPLETE without the Freedom of All.
Freedom is not free/for sale/exclusive/selective, but equal.
So use your Boomerangootan® to fly high,
to Think Different (Apple 1997),
to Lern Different (Apple 2014-09-09),
to Lead. Don't Follow. (Audi mojo ad)!

BoomGoo® pays the HIGHEST COMMISSION rate in the market:
75% for artists, 25% affiliates!

BoomGoo is open to ideas on furthering EVERYONE's SUCCESS.

Picasso wisdom:
"The MEANING of Life is to FIND your Gift. The PURPOSE of Life is to GIVE it away."
BoomGoo® inspires the former, enables the latter.

Everybody wins through BoomGoo:
• the ARTIST has a platform
• the CONSUMER buys unique art affordably
• the COMMUNITY gets inspired.
• We can all BoomGoo. Don't conform. Be. Do. Be.

• vi. soOn: CUSTOM graphics

11. Social

BoomGoo's social networking is different:

more creatively inspiring & never annoying
since there is nothing more insanely affordably great, right ; )
Plus, unlike most social networks, as Ello (the anti-FB ; ),
Keep the love of art in your custom folders or share the love, inspire others,
through the most popular social networks.

12. Exciting

• fresh art
• Zeitgeist
• mobility (app)
• Weekly Graphic Contest
• Weekly Photo Contest
• Suggestion Box for art/photos/site features etc.
• UPLOAD your art. Expose your talent. USERS VOTE.
Winner SELLS commission-free (3 month) Winner is FEATURED 1 month.
• For own Artist store (Free incl. marketing), upload portfolio.

13. Enjoy the boOming Ride!

boOm ahead. play with gOo
the world needs you to get dirty (creative)
Viva Creativity! ; )