Graphic: Freedom flag “Security vs Freedom” (6500)

Graphic: Freedom flag “Security vs Freedom” (6500)

DOWNLOADABLE Graphic file,
high-res, to use on T-shirts, posters, mugs, bags, mobile covers, towels, stickers, buttons etc.
or on any art & merchandise you imagine…

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Graphic detail:
Freedom logo
(made from peace / yin yang / anonymous / pirate…)
for there is no such international world flag!?

freedom slogan: “Spying for Security is still no Freedom™” in 3 grunge fonts
on right side of black wavy flag (with white logo) with word Freedom on logo mustache in gray (50% black)

• Unlike typical Photo stock,
this is professional quality
+ channeled (transparent background)
+ in large format (A3+) hi-res (300dpi) without compromise
on price/complex license etc.

• Unlike merchandising/gift services,
BoomGoo chooses to sell just the art,
to maximize your choice of application
& give you the benefit of owning the art you buy

Brand is




300 dpi


500x335mm (DIN A3+) / 19.7x13.2” / 5900x3950px






png (alpha ch ; )


Chalkduster (for word Freedom)


Apple (2008 OSX 10.6 Leopard)


Rubber Stamp Solid (for word Get Off / Get High)


URW (1995) / Alan Birch (1983)


Data D (for word Spy)


URW (1993)


The freest royalty-free
Reciprocity boomerangs
• There's still stock agencies out there selling complex licenses. The typical Royalty-free stock has complicated conditions and is not as affordable as BoomGoo

• BoomGoo is made for humans, not capitalists or lawyers Neither your wallet nor your mind will get entangled No need for credits / fractional pricing / subscriptions / premiums / budgets / rules / pre-conditions / conditions / post-conditions / contracts / exceptions / subscripts / hidden fees / punishments etc.

• Boomerangootan frees the legal shit out of stocks. Frees you from complex Pricing quests.

• You can DO WHATEVER you want AS LONG as you want with the art you pay for, even sell your products with modified versions of the art, except not sell the original BoomGoo art itself on its own.

The ONLY thing our artists ask for is the universal karmic respect of CREDITING them, since it takes time to create and the more art inspirations they can afford to make, the better the world is through creatives arts not wars Always put yourself in other's shoes.
©2015 designed by rolf neumann at the GraphicJungle LLC
for downloadable art/photo stock brand BoomGoo (Boomerangootan) /

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