Graphic: Shark vs Dolphin world (3300000)

Graphic: Shark vs Dolphin world (3300000)

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Graphic detail:

World: Shark vs. Dolphin mindset:
Shark (Left) versus (vs) Dolphin (Right) 

Variations:      1a. red shark / blue dolphin / green globe with white vs / “which one are you?!” in black under globe in semi circle
                            1b. black shark / black dolphin / white globe outlined in black with black vs / “which one are you?!” in black under globe in semi circle
                            1c. shark / dolphin / globe: all 3 white outlined in black with black vs
                            2a. shark / dolphin / vs: all 3 in black; globe transparent with black outline
                            2i.  inverse of 2a: shark / dolphin / vs: all 3 in white over black globe
                            3a. shark / dolphin / vs: all 3 black;  globe white with black outline / “which one are you?!” in black under globe in semi circle
                            3b.  inverse of 3a: shark / dolphin / vs: all 3 white over black globe / “which one are you?!” in black under globe in semi circle

             fuchsia    (RGB 244 / 15 / 98 • CMYK 0 / 99 / 42 / 0)
                         blue         (RGB 76 / 195 / 204 • CMYK 62 / 0 / 22 / 0)
                         green      (RGB 196 / 218 / 57 • CMYK 28 / 0 / 95 / 0)

Font:              Erthqake (not misspelled ; ) (for words “which one are you?!” vers. 1a/b)
                        designer: GemFonts (2011)

Font:              Vag Rounded reg. (for words “which one are you?!” very. 3)
                        designer: Gerry Barney (1964 for VW) 

Tip:        Imagine: Endless variations. This is a Vector file! Take advantage!…
               Not just for the lossless quality of the resolution-independent infinite scaling up of the art…
               Which means you can deselect / edit / add any layers or visual / textual elements or effects
               Use the BoomGoo art as a springboard for experimenting creatively and add/subtract/morph your own goo (art)

• Unlike typical Photo stock,
this is professional quality
+ lossless / endlessly resizable without compromise on price/complex license etc. 

• Unlike merchandising/gift services,
BoomGoo chooses to sell just the art,
to maximize your choice of application & give you the benefit of owning the art you buy 

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lossless (vector)


endlessly scalable








The freest royalty-free
Reciprocity boomerangs
• There's still stock agencies out there selling complex licenses. The typical Royalty-free stock has complicated conditions and is not as affordable as BoomGoo)
• BoomGoo is made for humans, not capitalists or lawyers) Neither your wallet nor your mind will get entangled) No need for credits / fractional pricing / subscriptions / premiums / budgets / rules / pre-conditions / conditions / post-conditions / contracts / exceptions / subscripts / hidden fees / punishments etc.
• Boomerangootan frees the legal shit out of stocks. Frees you from complex Pricing quests.
• You can DO WHATEVER you want AS LONG as you want with the art you pay for, even sell your products with modified versions of the art, except not sell the original BoomGoo art itself on its own.
The ONLY thing our artists ask for is the universal karmic respect of CREDITING them, since it takes time to create and the more art inspirations they can afford to make, the better the world is through creatives arts not wars Always put yourself in other's shoes. Reciprocity boomerangs
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