The BoomGoo Story..


We are all human. Interdependent.

Competition to kill

can be replaced

by Collaboration

to make the whole world

fit to survive.


Survival is Thriving together.


Join an obligation-free network,

vibrant synergetic global creative market,

of artists, graphic designers,

illustrators, web designers,

icon designers, U.I. designers, photographers, T-shirt connoisseurs,

art lovers & experts…

We simply call it the

BoomGoo® Ecosystem ; )


Sustainable Strength through

Gestalt / Zeitgeist /

Wanderlust / Inspiration /

raising Aesthetics & standards

incl. business ethics /

ridding Angst (Fear of Failure + Success),

gives us the Energiewende

to all succeed,

not nationalistically as separate races,

but as 1 human race/species.


Freedom is incomplete

lest we’re all free (& prospering)!



Be the Future of Thriving. Now.


Create your go-to resource

for practical trendy art

that releases your Gifts (meaning of life) so you can give away the Purpose

of your visions.


BoomGoo® exists to enable you,

proactively help you Shift, go…

beyond positive thinking, visualization.

To sustain your imagined liveliness & livelihood.

BoomGoo® is: Sustainability / Social business / Ethical capitalism.

Shared Success.


Miracles do not just happen

but come consistently,


you learn to break all the rules

(tyrannically set up in fear of change)

at the right point,

the point where magic happens,

killing useless not useful traditions,

enabling a “change agent”,

which automatically irresitably

attracts success

& flummoxes competition.


Create a Fit World. 
Un-theoretic, really Civilized

creative Humanity.

Unforced Business. Uncompromising.

Uncensored Full Freedom.

Unlimited Common Thriving.

Everybody wins,

when there’s

peace & happiness,

BoomGoo® pleases all possibilities ; )

• the ARTIST has a platform

• the CONSUMER buys unique art affordably

• the COMMUNITY gets inspired.


To each his own.

We can all BoomGoo.

Don't conform. Be. Do. Be.


Goal achieved : )

Love. Peace. Thriving.



from a very…

ENCHANTED jungleboy

at the edge of the Congo river,

who WANDERED & saw

very far, very early…

across most of the world & civilizations,

remaining a little shy

& SAD of big soulful EYES,

unspoilt by success / fame / riches

in this “man's, man's, man's world”

normally embittering

- yet since 2 B or not 2 B

man is “nothing, nothing

without a woman or a girl”

balancing with feminine not feminist yin,

with a touch of mesmerizing

1001 nights depth, imagination & soul,

he, despite experiencing/suffering

life changing events more times

than Forrest Gump tics,

never was “lost

in the wilderness/bitterness”

always questioning everything,

admitting your erroneous zones,

eternally seeking truth,

understanding not political correctness,

always leading the unbeaten path,

“Think Different”, “Lead not Follow”,

& fearlessly “Just Do it”

(irrespective of the ridicule/taboos),

he very WISELY never Chose

to partake as a Chosen People,

but instead CHOSE to defend

the alive not undead,

universal Rights & Thriving,

as the only way forward,

instinctively protected by

interconnectivity of everything,

in respect & awe of limitless Nature, NATURAL laws that any human ego

can’t surpass,

balanced simultaneously

with Veni Vidi daVinci MindBlow

& the B.S.-free unhypocritical respect

for the “The greatest thing

you'll ever learn -

is just to LOVE & be LOVED in return!”

(you yourself, others, all creatures)


One can’t love

without love or respect or fullfilment

of the self.

So, “If man was meant to fly he would've been born with wings.”

is a religious but unintelligent sin

to God that blessed us

with minds & heart,

free will & spirit(tuality)

to think/imagine/materialize dreams,


Be the Change. Break Rules

to lift UP & Heal Humanity.


Mankind has tried for millennia

to solve struggling & wars,

sustain faith/balance & peace,

yet all his nobel prize winning inventions

from cars / trains / light / toys / money…

have not let man evolve.

Stop over anal-yzing

or psychiatric convolution.

Be free from noise to create.

Just live in mindfulness.

The only solution:


Natural creativity.

In any Field.




“all” seems to have been invented

but not the infinite

combination of ideas,

that release & propagate

new spores of thoughts like viruses,

new patterns, new life,

you can spritz into a rapture of solutions in opposition to Pandora’s boxes,

for maximum quantum mindful mindblowing impact.

Ideas, angles, viewpoints,

as long as natural in at least some ways,

are always worth spreading.

Be the abnormal “Crazy One”

just because only those real people

are the ones nuts enough to think they can & do change the world,

& in positive directions,

without whom there would be no freedom or choice or possibilities.

At least BE your potential,

as the world needs less of the ordinary,

more of the extraordinary you,

more “Epic Shit”.

Epic is not necessarily long or complex,

just real/purposeful.

We all matter.

We can all do what matters.

Ideas matter.

Ideas materialize if you

breed & breathe them.

Ideas turn into solutions through creativity!

The Best ideas are the Crazy Epic Ones

that matter.

Matter as they help grow

interconnectivity & evolution.



the end,

there is no end,

as life keeps ticking,

learning never stops,

creativity has no face to book

but twitters & flickrs on forever…

& the big bang BoomGoo,

a serendipitous colliding

of creative universal nomad talent between, initially,

the jungles of Congo & India

& touch of fatamorgana of the Sahara,

is now yours to pick from

& melt with! ; )


Inspired by…

1. "Nature Boy"

song written by hippie

Eden Ahbez 1947

sung by Nat King Cole 1948


2. "Da Vinci's Demons"

tv series created by BBC/Starz


script David S. Goyer


3. "it's A Man’s Man's world"


Song writers: James Brown /

Betty Jean Newsome