Press Release

For immediate release
Atlantic Highlands, NJ, Wed, May 6, 2015

Contact: Rolf Neumann
Title: iCEO
Company: Boomerangootan®

Boomerangootan® announces release of BoomGoo® web site.

A new platform for art & photography, offering a creative & sustainable stock ecosystem, for artists, consumers, and community. BoomGoo®, short for Boomerangootan® (Boomerang reciprocity + Orangutan fun = your booming success), is the source for refreshing, relevant, passionate, inspiring, premium, practical downloadable/printable art.

The BoomGoo® BRAND listens. It’s not made in X country, but through worldwide talent, by humans, for humans, and with Zeitgeist & Gestalt plus Zen simplicity. Everybody wins through BoomGoo: The Artist has a platform & tribe; the Consumer buys unique & premium art affordably; the Community gets inspired.
The BoomGoo® POINT is to Enable you. Total value, usability, productivity etc. Beyond outsourcing/crowdsourcing. Since Sustainability / Social Business / Ethical Capitalism / Humanity is the future of Success, BoomGoo® replaces Competition with Collaboration, raising aesthetics & standards. Welcome to the Era of Universal Thriving! Freedom is INCOMPLETE without the Freedom of All. "The MEANING of Life is to FIND your Gift. The PURPOSE of Life is to GIVE it away." - Picasso. BoomGoo® inspires the former, enables the latter. Artists, approved with quality threshold, are given their own responsive store + comprehensive Marketing free! Make a name for yourself, if unknown, expand your spheres, if known. Together, we rid Angst (Fear of Failure/Success), in booming the Survival of the Fittest sense in us.

The BoomGoo® REVOLUTION: Contribute your goo / verse! Take advantage of the pioneering:
1. $1 single res; HI-RES (no convoluted pricing)
2. LIVE Art (newsworthy / relevant)
3. INSTANT UPLOADS (approval within 48hrs!)
4. Mobile Art Market APP
5. PASSION Stock (vectors with soul / photos with channels)
7. DISASTER RELIEF (Responsive graphics/merchandise free/purchased – 100% to cause)
8. 25% COMMISSION (artist - 75% profits)
9. Karma-LICENSE (Royalty-free – Reciprocity boomerangs ; )