About BoomGoo

1. zen

1 price! 1 res!

1 file download.

1 world community

benefitting all.

No price fractions ; )






Just great Art.


Zen experience

in the easiest / fastest / friendliest

site to navigate


4. focus


easy search


just create.


6. flexible

1 download.

1 high resolution file.


Professionally rendered vector (lossless resizing)

with built-in passion.

Photo stock with transparent backgrounds…



But endless Possibilities.


No censorship / limits / rules. No contracts.

Nothing to cancel.

BoomGoo sets you free!


Beyond Royalty-free.

Even edit art to sell

your own products,

just do not resell

the untouched art itself.


BoomGoo's Guarantee:

Boomerang your Creative flow/fun

with so much flexible Goo,

you can't not be inspired ; )

If you experience it differently,

just comment on specific art

or problem

or Ask & you shall Get.

Take advantage of our omnipresent floating feedbackBoOmer ; )

You won’t find more naturally friendly business “partners”

in satisfying your needs.


BoomGoo Listens!

We're not robots, not even A.I., but humans : )


7. encouraging

The point of BoomGoo

is to Enable you:

Affordability / Inspiration /

Productivity / Sustainability


2. inspirational

original art / photos.


with built-in Zeitgeist ; )

Like a newsreel.

Not just trendy but always



Built-in: practically

instant Art upload

(no waiting for cookies/approval periods,

as long as your art

reaches technical quality threshold ; )



instant Disaster Relief support

(download art free or buy

at 100% donation

to causes/charities)


5. organized

• custom folders

• wish lists

• faves

• cart

• buy later

• order history

• upload history


8. service

BoomGoo Listens!

After all, it’s made

by humans for humans.


Expect natural not condescending, rude,

slow, secretive, costly,

evasive customer service.


Whatever you wish,

it can be materialized ; )


3. creative

New designs weekly / daily.


Quality originals from

“epic shit” artists/photographers


to unblock your own

creative juices,

keep you on

the creative edge.


7. encouraging

The point of BoomGoo

is to Enable you:

Affordability / Inspiration /

Productivity / Sustainability


10. Free(dom)


• Licenses (just respect for Reciprocity boomerangs)

• capitalists or Lawyers (complex punitive licenses + exceptions to too many Rules)

• complex Price structures

• Subscriptions

• hidden Fees / premiums

• Budgeting

• low Resolutions

• low Quality

• contracts


• Risk (worries / debt / waste)

• Complications / hurdles

• Compromises


Boomify (Liberate) yourself!™

Open up to receive:

Inspiration. Ideas. Productivity. Creativity. Peace. Zen. Freedom.


9. affordable


Premium quality

+ Zen experience

at humane pricing ; )


Simplest price around:

Nothing to calculate.

Not even "Credits”

to deal with.

No "Resolution" compromises.

No monthly "Subscriptions"



1 price!

($1 - no fractions ; )

All royalty-free


more Priceless:

• Bundles!

(Art Category/Style/Artist)

• Affiliate Commissions

• Awards

• Competitions

• Featured artists

• Disaster Relief/Aid

• your ideas…?


Your art QuickView ;)

11 Sustainable

BoomGoo® not only

booms up users' inspirations

but booms the boon

of artists/creatives.


i. Passionate Art Affordably


ii. Enable Creatives to SELL

downloads of their own



Unmatched instant uploads.

Unmatched turnaround

approval within 48hrs

(if upload does not meet quality threshold)!


iii. APP (for mobile

browsing / buying / selling

(Instant Live Art)!


iv. Artist’s Boom STORES.

UNprecedented offer!

Free store. Free marketing.

Your own Springboard.


v. scalable Future (next):

PRINTED Products

(Wearables. Accessories…)


vi. Your wish is our command


• If unknown,

Make a name for yourself.

If known,

Expand your spheres.


• In any case,

Connect with creative

geniuses worldwide.

Sharing is infectious.

Celebrate the LOVE,




BoomGoo® is your vibrant global creative ECOSYSTEM:

• replacing Competition


• surpassing greedy Capitalism with Human unselfish THRIVING

• raising responsible business standards (social business / ethical capitalism)

• ridding Angst

(Fear of Failure + Success)

• boOming the Survival

of the Fittest

to market sustainability


• BoomGoo® supports

all & full FREEDOM.

After all, we're all an interdependent world family.


Our freedom is INCOMPLETE

without the Freedom of All.


Freedom is not free / for sale /

exclusive / selective, but equal.

So use your…

Boomerangootan® to fly high,

to Think Different (Apple 1997)

to Lern Different (Apple 2014-09-09)

to Lead. Not Follow. (Audi mojo ad)


BoomGoo® pays the HIGHEST COMMISSION rate

in the market:

75% for artists, 25% affiliates!


BoomGoo is open to ideas on furthering EVERYONE's SUCCESS!


"The MEANING of Life

is to FIND your Gift.

The PURPOSE of Life

is to GIVE it away."

BoomGoo® inspires the former, enables the latter.


Everybody wins through BoomGoo®:

• the ARTIST has a platform

• the CONSUMER buys unique art affordably

• the COMMUNITY gets inspired.

• We can all BoomGoo. Don't conform. Be. Do. Be.


12. Social

BoomGoo's social networking is different:

more creatively inspiring

& never annoying

since there is nothing

more insanely affordably great, right ; )


Here it’s all about Creativity

to solve your & the world’s problems ; )

Creativity in every field,

art or not, can be an art,

solve everything that mankind has tried to solve to no avail,

esp. Peace, Equality, Universal Thriving.


Plus, unlike most social networks,

BG as Ello & Minds

(the anti-FB ; ),

you keep the love of art in your custom folders

or share the love,

& inspire others,

through the most popular social networks.


13. Exciting

• fresh art

• Zeitgeist

• mobility (app)

• Contests

• Suggestion Box for art/photos/site features etc.

• UPload your art.

Expose your Talent.

• Your own Artist Portfolio

• Your own Artist store

(Free incl. marketing)

• Name your price

• Universal Thriving & Peace

• Rub your Genie


14. Enjoyable

Enjoy the boOming Ride!


boOm ahead.

play with gOo

the world needs you

to get dirty (creative)


Viva Creativity! ; )