BoomGoo stands for
    boOming your goo,
    freeing your mind...
    That is, BoOmify (liberate) yourself,
    especially as you BoOMerangoOtan yourself
    or Pay it Forward
    by boomeranging Good/INspiration
    & do it with Love, Zest & Joy
    like the Orangutan ; )

    •  totally novel designs
    – no longer the regurgitated 20 "classic fashion patterns"
    • refreshingly Think Different
    • iNspire Creative Empowerment everywhere ; )



    BoomGoo is Your social Brand.

    Charity is useless as funds run out
    & root causes of problems remain

    Trade not Aid is it ; )

    Social Business / Ethical Capitalism

    Buy 1 / We Gift 1 on all sales!
    (Goes to Homeless ; )


    BoomGoo is Think Different.
    B•rand-wise (humane)
    D•esign-wise (refreshing)
    R•esponsible (ethical business)
    E•cological (materials/waste)
    Q•uality (design/products/service)
    Z•en UX (junk/ad/hassle-free)